Tarot is my main modality for life coaching. It is how I connect with people. My approach to the Tarot is practical and approachable.

Gain clarity and insight about your questions/situation and receive guidance and actionable advice.

Why Tarot?

The purpose of Tarot is to provoke thought — a means for reflection and rumination. The cards do not define one’s future (contrary to what is commonly believed). They simply give a visual guide for intuitive interpretation of situations.

I think of Tarot as a guide or a map. I — as your Tarot Reader — will help you trace back your steps from your starting point, help you figure out where you’re standing now, and show you the direction you are headed so you can avoid obstacles ahead, choose to change direction, or pave your own path.

Rather than being definitive, Tarot offers you a subjective view of your options based on past and present factors that may contribute to your decisions for the future. Tarot connects you with your subconscious thoughts and higher knowledge and awareness: your intuition.

Nothing is set in stone. So, don’t worry about destiny! Nothing is black and white. There are plenty of gray areas. Tarot Reading should be a positive experience that can enlighten you. Let me empower you take control of your life.

A Tarot Reading is not to be used a substitute for professional advice. Please do not ask for readings that warrant health and legal outcomes.

I will also not entertain any questions regarding disaster, disease, death, divorce, and infidelity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee?

Yes, I have a professional fee for rendering my services. Rates may vary. Please send us a message to inquire.

How do you do Tarot Readings?

I do Tarot Readings both in-person and online via email (write-up) and Skype (chat/video call).

Where do you hold In-Person Tarot Readings?

Quezon City

  • SM Fairview/Ayala Fairview Terraces
  • SM North/TriNoma
  • Mysterium Philippines Centre (Katipunan)
  • UP Town Center (Katipunan)
  • Xocolat (Katipunan)
  • Ella and the Blackbird (Katipunan)


  • SM Megamall (Ortigas)
  • Podium Mall (Ortigas)
  • Starbucks, Emerald Ave (Ortigas)
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Emerald Ave (Ortigas)
The said areas are not accessible to me. Can we meet somewhere else?

Send me a private message. If your area is within Quezon City/Metro Manila, we may be able to agree on a location. Please inquire at least 48 hours prior to your preferred date of said Tarot Reading.

If your location is too far or out of my way, we will settle for an Online Tarot Reading or I can refer you to another Mysterium Certified Tarot Reader.

What is your mode of payment?

I accept payment via BDO and PayPal.

FULL payment must be made PRIOR to the tarot reading. The reason for this is to ensure that there are no spontaneous cancellations.

Can I reschedule a Tarot Reading after I’ve already booked and paid for the session?

Yes, you may. Just make sure that you notify me at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Non-appearance to a session (with no prior notification) will result in forfeiture of your booking. The fee that you paid is non-refundable and non-transferable. Let us respect each other’s time.

Can we book you for private or company events?

Yes! I’ve done Tarot and Reiki gigs for companies during their events. You can book me or hire a team of Tarot Consultants/Reiki Practitioners.

For reservations please text 09165511824, email admin@mysteriumphilippines.org, or message Mysterium Philippines FB page and request for “ROLANDE”.

Do you have any affiliations?

I got my certifications from Mysterium Philippines.

I graduated under their Tarot Certification Program (Basic and Advanced), Intuitive Awakenings, Advanced Intuitive Awakenings, Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Advanced Reiki Training, Reiki Level 3, Continua Method Healing and Divination, and Akashic Records Reading Level 1.

I work with Mysterium as a Certified Tarot Consultant and part-time facilitator and mentor for intuitive learning programs.

Want to learn more about tarot, intuition, spirituality, and healing?
Send us a message! We’ll help you out.