A Whiff of Luxury for an Affordable Price: Jo Malone Inspired Perfume Oils (Product Review)

I have always been a fan of fragrances. Through the years, I have tried a large variety of scents. However, I don’t invest in the fragrances that I buy. I mostly use cheap colognes, body sprays, and affordable eau de toilette scents. The only expensive perfume I use is Elizabeth Arden Red Door Velvet; and, it’s not even mine. It belongs to my mother; and, I only use it for special occasions.

As someone who switches scents every now and again, depending on my mood and preference, it is not practical for me to spend so much on fragrances. However, I do want to experience wearing known, popular scents. That is why I was so pleased when I encountered a seller of Jo Malone inspired perfume oils.
Now, I know that “imitation” or “inspired” scents are not new. However, I rarely encounter high quality ones. Often, you would see colognes inspired by popular fragrances that are mostly made up of water, alcohol, and very little fragrance oils. I’m not saying that those colognes are not good. I just prefer scents that are concentrated because I would not need to apply a large amount, and I would not need to reapply during the day. That is why I prefer oil based perfumes rather than alcohol based ones.
If you are the kind of person who enjoys long lasting fragrances that smell just like the expensive colognes and perfumes that you wish to buy, then, you will enjoy this review.
Scents and Descriptions
1. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia
  • This scent is one of the many bestsellers in the line; and, upon testing it, I can see why it is a crowd favourite. It is crisp, clean, fresh, and youthful. When my mother smelled this scent, she said it reminded he of the Sanggumay Orchid. This fragrance is elegant; yet, appropriate for daily wear.
  • I love using this on hot days because the scents keeps me smelling fresh. Unlike some scents that don’t react well with warm weather, this one stays consistently pleasant. Even when I walk under the blazing heat of the sun and sweat out, I will still smell fresh and clean — just as if I had just taken a shower!
  • My friends say that this scent is “lakas maka-fresh”.
2. Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise 
  • This scent is another bestseller. Unfortunately, this has been discontinued by the original Jo Malone. Luckily for us, this scent is available in the Jo Malone inspired perfume oil mists!
  • Unlike common vanilla based fragrances, this does not smell like a confectionery dessert. (Although, personally, I love that kind of vanilla fragrance.) This one is a soft, powdery vanilla scent with mild notes of anise. It is very lady-like and feminine, with a touch of mature elegance. In other words, “sosyal”!
  •  My mother describes this scent as “woodsy”.
  • I recommend this scent for cooler weather. It’s a great scent (one of my personal favourites, actually); however, it feels a little too “warm” for humid weather.
3. Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay 
  • This is a unisex scent that registers as more masculine (on me). Crisp and slightly musky. Very clean, neutral scent. It has a slight “cool” vibe to it. It is a simple, yet no-nonsense scent. If you want a gender neutral scent that makes you smell clean and pure, this is a great option for you.
  • I got this because I personally prefer unisex and masculine scents. I find that they go really well with my natural scent.
4. Jo Malone Lime and Basil 
  • I got this as a freebie sample from the seller. She was super sweet! I really appreciate that she gives these out to her customers.
  • It is cool, clean, crisp, and super fresh! It is slightly masculine; but, it works well as a unisex scent, too. It is very refreshing! Initially, I assumed that this would smell too sharp and strong; but, oh boy, was I wrong. This smells SO GOOD. This is the kind of scent I would love my man (if I had one, lol) to wear. I could sniff this all day.
  • I am SO grateful that she gave me a sample of this scent! It is now one of my favourites! I highly recommend this scent! If you enjoy that fresh, energizing, rejuvenating kind of fragrance, you HAVE to try this! I intend to purchase this one in a full sized bottle.
 Available Sizes and Price List
100ml – PHP 850 (+80 for glass bottle)
50ml – PHP 450 (+60 for glass bottle)
30ml – PHP 280 (+40 for glass bottle)
10ml – PHP 150
It varies per scent, per person’s body chemistry, and weather conditions. These generally last for a very long time, though. On me, they last for about 8-12 hours. (English Pear & Freesia and Lime & Basil last for the longest amount of time on me.)
How to Order 
  • If you are part of The Make Up Revolution PH (facebook group), search for the threat entitled, “Jo Malone Inspired Perfume Oils“. There, you will see the list of details on how to order, as well as tips and recommendations from the seller.
  • Send a private message to Ms. Chichay Chavez for inquiries and for placing orders.
Overall Verdict
I love these so much! For people who would like to experience luxurious fragrances at an affordable price, definitely check out these Jo Malone inspired perfume oil mists!

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