Everything Wrong With “Small” Bloggers/YouTubers

Now, now, before anyone sets me on fire, the misleading title was intentional. (Sorry for the clickbait.) Just a fair warning, this is a rant post up ahead of you; so, if that’s not your thing, this may displease you.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of new “small” bloggers and YouTubers. Don’t get me wrong, technically speaking, I also categorize as a “small” blogger, considering that my follower/reader base is actually very small. So, there’s nothing wrong with being “small” — everybody starts somewhere; however, not everybody seems to understand that.

If you scroll through YouTube’s comment section, you will often see comments that say something like this:
“Any small youtubers out there that want to support each other? Subscribe to my channel! I’ll sub you back! I promise!” (Usually accompanied by an unnecessary amount of emojis.)

Companies, brand owners, proprietors, and sellers often get messages that say something along the lines of:
“Send me a PR package.” 
“If you send me free products, I will review your products on my channel/website.” 
“Hi! I really want to try your products! But I can’t afford them. I was hoping you can send me your products for free?” 
“How many likes, comments, and shares do I need to get on this post to get free products?” 
“I can promote you for free! Just send me free stuff!” 

Understandably, the perks that “big time” bloggers and YouTubers have can make most people green with envy. They get paid to promote and feature products, they get coupons and discounts, and they get sent free products to try out. Now, who wouldn’t want that? However, what many people fail to see is that these people WORKED for their perks and privileges. Yes, honey. They didn’t wake up one day with a PR package at their doorstep. No, they did not beg for free products. That is NOT how it works.

Most of the popular bloggers and YouTubers we see today poured years of time, effort, and money into their craft or hobby. Their passion and dedication brought about business opportunities such as promotions and discount/freebie privileges. Bloggers start out with blogs that nobody reads. YouTubers start out with videos that people don’t watch. Both start out buying products with their own money. Their blogs/channels grew through time as they kept creating content and consistently kept improving the quality of their content. The really DID start small.

It saddens me that a lot of newbie bloggers and YouTubers (especially the younger ones) have this blown-out-of-proportion sense of entitlement. I hate to break it to you, dearies; but, being a blogger/YouTuber really requires a great deal of investment of time, money, and effort. Don’t get me wrong, asking for support and promoting yourself isn’t necessarily bad. However, there’s a fine line between that and being a “freeloader”.

So, here’s everything that’s wrong with being a “freeloading” blogger/YouTuber:

  1. You are not helping yourself grow.
    – Sure, your follower/subscriber count is growing; but, you are not learning how to grow your community using your own effort. You are simply freeloading on somebody else’s established success. ‘Ika nga, nakikisawsaw ka lang. 
  2. You are disrespecting the content owner of the blog/channel you are commenting on to promote yourself.
    – Connected to No. 1, self-promoting on somebody else’s blog/channel shows disrespect towards the owner of the blog/channel. You are not following them and commenting on their content to express appreciation for their craft. You are using their popularity to boost yours. You are forgetting that they, too, had to start from nothing.
  3. You are disrespecting the brand owners/proprietors/sellers.
    – Come on, this is pretty obvious. Companies/brand owners/proprietors/sellers strategically plan their business promotions. So, they select content creators based on their follower base AND content quality to feature and review their products. This is actually a mutual deal. The discounts/freebies/privileges are sort of like rewards or promotions for a job well done in the line of work. WORK HARD if you really want privileges and perks. DO NOT ask for them.
  4. You are lowering the value of your fellow content creators.
    – Companies/brand owners/proprietors/sellers actually INVEST a lot in content creators. Content creators are either paid of sent PR packages because being a “big time” content creator is actually a JOB. These people are making a living; and, by asking for free stuff even just as a “small” content creator is like demanding your boss for a salary raise that is equal to those who have worked really hard for many, many years in the company.
  5. You are establishing yourself as someone who is bad with business.
    – In relation to No. 3 and No. 4, self-entitlement reflects who you are in business. You would not be seen as fit to work with brands for promotions and business related content.
  6. You will prevent opportunities from coming to you.
    – Again, related to No. 5. If people see that you are an entitled freeloader, who would want to work with you? Who would want to collaborate with you? YOU are shutting the doors to opportunities.
  7. Your “freeloader” attitude reflects your lack of control over your personal life.
    – A common reason why “small” content creators ask for free stuff is because they don’t have money to afford the products that they want to have. Well, here’s the deal: you obviously do not have the means to sustain your hobby. That might be a good wake up call for you to set your priorities straight. Being a content creator is a huge investment, so invest. Find a way to be able to financially fuel your passion. If you can’t afford it, maybe being a blogger/YouTuber is not for you (yet). Make do with what you have; and, if it is still not enough, work harder until you have what you need. 
  8. You are being unfair.
    – Shallow point? I think not. Dearie, they/we had to WORK for what we have. I started blogging as a hobby in 2011. I started getting serious with it in 2014. I upgraded to a website in 2016. I only started getting discounts, promos, and freebies in 2017. It took me 6 years, and in those 6 years, I shelled out money, I allotted time, and I exerted effort. My progress was slow; but, at least I can say that I was never a freeloader.
  9. You are being downright selfish and inconsiderate (whether intentionally or unintentionally).
    – This is basically it. Plain and simple. Maybe, your intentions are not bad; but, this is why I’m writing this article. The entitled “freeloader” attitude is just so wrong on so many levels — it’s not just some pet peeve of mine.
    Just think of this: “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.” Do you want people to randomly ask you to give them free stuff? Do you want others to avail of your services for free? Do you want people to take your job for granted? No? Then, don’t do it to your fellow content creators. Don’t do it to companies/brand owners/proprietors/sellers.
  10. You have the wrong motivation.
    – Back then, being a blogger/YouTuber was not very common. Nowadays, plenty of people have gained the confidence to become content creators. That’s great! However, a lot of the newer content creators did not start because of passion. They are in it for the money and fame. Just as with any field, money and fame should NOT be the root of your motivation. Create content because it is your passion to share your craft and/or opinions with the world. Don’t do it because you have your eye on the monetary prize. If you have the wrong motivation to begin with, the foundation to your success is very weak to begin with.

It is not my intention to discourage smaller content creators. I only wish to eradicate (or at least minimize) the freeloader entitlement because it negatively affects a lot of people in the industry. There are many ways to grow as a content creator. Being a freeloader is not one of them. To new/small content creators, please, do yourselves and everyone else a favour. Respect the work and dedication that goes into being a content creator.

On that note, I hope nobody sets me on fire.




Le Blanc’s Beauty & ScentStation: Ultra Healing BB Cream and Duo Cream Foundation || Product Review

This is such a long overdue review. I’ve been using these products since last year. Please, do take note that the photos in this post were taken a long time ago. So, if anyone would wonder why I look (slightly?) different, that’s why. Anyway, let’s jump to the review. I will be featuring two products: the Ultra Healing BB Cream and Duo Cream Foundation.

Le Blanc’s Ultra Healing BB Cream remains one of the ultimate bestselling products from the brand — and for many good reasons.

Product Claims:
“Full coverage cream foundation that has many skin benefits and helps reduce acne and scars as it contains the wonder effect of Tamanu Oil and Argan Oil. Specifically made for severe sensitive skin and skin suffering from many different kinds of problems such as psoriasis, skin asthma, acne, severe dryness, and a lot more. Made with 100% pure organic ingredients with super healing properties.”

This product comes in 9 shades (as of June 2017), perfectly suited to Pinay skin tones. I have the shades “LBS1” and “LB01”, which I alternate or mix depending on my (current) skin tone. It is available in two sizes: 10ml Trial Size (PHP 350) and 30ml Full Size (PHP 650).

True to its claims, this BB Cream really does work wonders to the skin! I previously reviewed the Le Blanc’s Tamanu Ultra Healing Face & Body Soap and Serum and I discussed the benefits of Tamanu Oil to the skin. The Tamanu Oil content in this BB Cream makes it a 2-in-1 product, makeup and skin care all in one. It yields full coverage that looks absolutely flawless in person and in photographs. I noticed that the two bottles that I have (bought at different occasions) have different consistencies. One has a thicker, more cream-like consistency; while the other has a thinner, fluid consistency. I don’t know why; but, they both offer the same amount of coverage. On a daily basis, I use only half a pump of product to cover my entire face. That small amount gives me a good medium coverage. My favourite tool to use in applying this product is a paddle brush because it gives a very flawless, seamless finish to the skin. Oh, and speaking of finish, this has a semi-matte/demi-matte finish that sets quickly on the skin.

Pros: To be honest, I love almost everything about this product! It’s my favourite BB Cream. I use this more often than foundation. As for the skin healing properties, I notice that whenever I use this, my active breakouts heal a lot faster. Seriously!
Cons: To keep this product non-comedogenic, it was formulated without waterproof/water resistant ingredients; hence, this comes off easily with sweat or water. (Surprisingly, though, it holds up extremely well against facial oil.) No worries, though, as this can easily be resolved by setting it with a good powder (I highly recommend the Le Blanc’s Mineral Loose Powder or the Le Blanc’s Mineral Finishing Powder. I will review these soon!) and/or a setting spray (Le Blanc’s Matte Drizzle Makeup Setting Spray has just been released this May. I don’t have it yet. I will definitely purchase it and try it out!)

Now, the Duo Cream Foundation is fairly new. It was released in August 2016. It is a cream foundation and concealer in one product. It has a dewy finish and was formulated to be semi-waterproof/water resistant to cater to the customers’ demand for a longer lasting base makeup.

Just like the BB Cream, this offers full and flawless coverage. The only difference is that it is in cream foundation form and has a dewy finish. This comes in 5 shades (as of June 2017). It retails for PHP 599. I find that this one is best applied with a damp beauty sponge/beauty blender because it yields an airbrushed finish.

In this photo, you can clearly see the difference between the Ultra Healing BB Cream and the Duo Cream Foundation, both in terms of shade and finish. You can also see that the Duo Cream Foundation holds up against water.
BEFORE: Bare skin
AFTER: Duo Cream Foundation on the left half, Ultra Healing BB Cream on the right half

As you can see from the before photos, my skin has an uneven tone. I also have a lot of blemishes to cover up. In the after photos, I applied the Duo Cream Foundation to one side of my face and the Ultra Healing BB Cream to the other. Hopefully, you can tell by the photos that the Duo Foundation has a dewy finish while the BB Cream has a semi-matte/demi-matte finish. The BB Cream is also a little bit more yellow/warm compared to the Duo Foundation. The coverage of both is amazing!

Overall, I highly recommend both of these products. My recommendation is that if you have dry/normal skin, go for the Ultra Healing BB Cream. If you have combination/oily skin, go for the Duo Cream Foundation.

These products are available at Le Blanc’s Beauty PH.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not paid to review and promote the brand and products. I paid for the products with my own money and the review is based on my own personal experience. The products that work for me may or may not work for you. 


Skin Savers: Le Blanc’s Beauty & ScentStation Tamanu Ultra Healing Soap and Serum

I had clear skin for most of my youth. Unfortunately, in my junior year of high school, I had a really bad acne breakout. It really affected my self-esteem. (Those who follow me from my old blog would know that I refrained from posting photos of my face because of this.) I tried many different anti-acne products. Unfortunately, my acne is cause by hormonal issues. So, topical remedies can only go so far with curing my acne. As I got older, my skin has been on a rollercoaster ride. One moment, it’s clear. The next, I have a bad acne breakout. It’s really tough.

One important thing to note is that as a beauty blogger, I have to try different products for me to be able to review them. So, I don’t really have a solid skin care routine. (I never mix brands, though. It takes me a long time to review products because I like to write my final thoughts once I’ve finished using them.)

Two products that really stood out to me are both from Le Blanc’s Beauty & ScentStation: the Tamanu Ultra Healing Face & Body Soap and the Tamanu Ultra Healing Serum.

Prior to discovering the brand, I was not familiar with tamanu. So, I did my research on it before trying the products.

“Tamanu oil comes from the inside kernel of the fruit bloomed by the tamanu tree, which leads to a pungent, nutty scent and a weird blue-green color. But I wasn’t put off by the aesthetics of the oil once I learned all the amazing ways it can rejuvenate damaged skin.
1. Treating Blemishes
2. Fading Stretchmarks
3. Treating Ingrown Hairs
4. Healing Rashes
5. Soothing Dry Skin
– from Bustle.com 5 Tamanu Oil Uses That Will Heal All Your Derma Woes

Le Blanc’s Beauty & ScentStation actually has an entire Tamanu Ultra Healing Set which consists of the following:

  • Soap – PHP 180 (130 grams)
  • Serum – PHP 550 (15ml) /PHP 800 (30ml)
  • Face Cream – PHP 700 (30ml)
  • Lotion – PHP 350 (120ml)

Product Description:
“Tamanu Ultra Healing Set- A natural treatment for acne and acne scars, eczema, psoriasis, toenail fungus, stretchmarks, age spots, skin rashes, general scarring, dermatitis through to anti-ageing, skin asthma, and other skin problems and irritations.” 

Now, let’s proceed to my review. The Tamanu Ultra Healing Face & Body Soap is very gentle on the skin. It cleanses my skin thoroughly and it helps to speed up the drying of the pimples. I love how this leaves my skin feeling fresh. It does not leave any weird soap residue like some soaps. Personally, I prefer using this on my body, though. It has a slight tendency to give me dry patches on the face. (Do take note that I have dry-combination skin. I have a lot of very dry patches.) Overall, I do love using this on my body where my skin is not fussy. On the face, I use this when I have breakouts. On a daily basis, I use a different soap (also from Le Blanc’s, it is the Chocolate Milk moisturizing soap).

The Tamanu Ultra Healing Serum is my favourite. I use it for a lot of things. I apply it twice a day (morning and night). I use it to prep my face for makeup. I mix it in with my foundations and concealers to thin out their consistency and also to add skin healing benefits. I add this to moisturizer, lotion, and eye cream. I would probably bathe in this stuff. It’s just so good! It also helps with my dry patches, which is why it is a great complement to the Tamanu Soap.

Here’s what my skin looked like after a week of use:

Now, notice how my skin looks much calmer and more refined? Most of my active pimples have dried up and some of the old scars have started to fade. It works very well when it comes to healing my existing skin issues. However, it is important to note (again) that because my acne is caused by hormonal issues, topical treatments can only do so much. These products don’t entirely prevent new breakouts from forming (in my case). The black circles indicate the active breakouts that healed from the use of the products. The red circles indicate new breakouts starting to form.

Final thoughts:

Overall, the Tamanu Ultra Healing Soap and Serum greatly improved my skin’s condition. It truly did the job. I will say that they worked. However, as expected from my acne prone skin, my skin issues have not been resolved completely; and, I do not blame that on the products. (Hormonal acne has to be dealt with using medications, change of diet, etc.)

I highly recommend these products to anyone with skin issues. They really do work! Also, they are both bestsellers here in the Philippines and in the US. So, you can bet that these are really good! I would definitely repurchase these along with the rest of the Tamanu Ultra Healing Set.