Life Updates (April 2020)

More than a month into the #EnhancedCommunityQuarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m using my time to (try to) get back into blogging. 

To start things off, I’m due for an unsolicited life update. I plan to expound on these things later in separate blog posts, but let’s take things one step at a time. My obsession with sequencing my posts is what keeps me from publishing any content in the first place. 

So, what exactly have I been up to? 

Career Change 

Yep. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that my interests and activities have changed and that’s okay. I’ve been inactive in the makeup artistry community for about 2 years now. It’s a long story with a lot of reasons, but that’s for another day. (I’ll still post about makeup and other beauty related topics here.)

I traded in my brushes for a deck of cards. For the past 2 years, I’ve been working as a Professional Tarot Consultant. Yes—Tarot! I actually have a separate blog dedicated to this. (Though, I barely have any content in there, too—yikes.)

I’m also working part-time as a Facilitator/Mentor at Mysterium Philippines, where I also took my classes in intuitive inclinations. After taking up pretty much every course they offered, I worked my way up into becoming staff. So, when this whole pandemic blows over, you can find me at Mysterium! We teach Intuitive Awakenings, Tarot, Reiki (energy healing), Manifestation, and lots of other cool classes on spirituality and higher learnings. 

Life Coaching 

Last year (2019), I finally took the LEAP Trilogy, an experiential personal development program wherein participants work on their personal and professional goals with a team of Life Coaches. 

My team was LEAP 81 Undaunted. The whole theme of my batch was all about overcoming fears, breaking through limiting belief systems, and owning greatness. 

This is my council! My little family. L81 had a total of 77 students.

I won’t talk about my whole journey here, but if you want to know more about the LEAP Trilogy, you can find more information at


I’m proudly part of the movement towards eco-friendly living! I wouldn’t say that I live a perfect lifestyle where I can boast about producing zero waste, but I have taken steps to live consciously. 

Cloth liners/pads from (Shopee), deodorant & tooth powder from Zero Basics, shampoo & conditioner bars from Rise + Repeat

Honestly, it all started with a mere curiosity for the hype of shampoo bars 2 years ago. I saw influencers and bloggers posting about it on Instagram. It wouldn’t hurt to try, I thought. 

Since then, I committed to the #NoPoo life. Shampoo bars were a game changer for me! (Which reminds me, I have some brand recommendations I should blog about.) 

From then on, I made little switches here and there. I started using locally produced conditioner bars, shaving bars, lotion bars, deodorant bars…lots of bars, reusable sanitary napkins, tooth powder; shopping at package-free/zero-waste stores has been a treat, too! 

I also started bringing my own baunan (container), utensils, and reusable cup. I stopped using disposable straws (even though I absolutely loved using bendy straws *sniffle*) and switched to a metal straw or no straw at all. 

I try my best to go package-free if establishments allow it. Sadly, lots of stores still use plastic. I also do a lot of online shopping and parcels come in plastic bags. Soooo…I have a collection of plastic bags and bubble wrap and I don’t know what to do with them. I’ll have to figure that out.

Bullet Journaling 

I’m still trying out different themes, spreads, and layouts every month.

Finally. After years of wanting to start a bullet journal, I finally shoved my perfectionism aside and put the work into the idea. Turns out, once you get over the initial hesitations and stressing out over aesthetic (*cough* perfectionism nga *cough*), it’s a really fun hobby! 

However, I think I picked the absolute worst year to start bullet journaling. All of my plans have been postponed or cancelled due to ECQ. Ugh. Oh well, I still enjoy making and decorating my spreads! I also use it for other things besides planning like tracking my reading list, music playlists, to-do’s, and habits. I also have a gratitude log and pages where I dump ideas and inspiration. 

Plant Parenting

These aren’t all of my plant babies. I have more cacti and succulents in my studio.

This one’s very new and recent! I went shopping for plants before the ECQ and I’m really grateful that I did! Being cooped up indoors hasn’t been so bad because I have my little plant babies to take care of. 

I’m a novice plant parent, so I’ve been really careful and observant. So far, I’ve only had two casualties: a cactus that my cat wrecked and a “Mother of Millions” (kalanchoe delagoensis) plant which was eaten by ants. I also have a struggling Jelly Bean (sedum rubrotinctum) succulent that seems to hate the hot temperatures of Metro Manila. (Don’t quote me on that. I don’t actually know why it’s been extra testy compared to the other plants.) 

Apart from that, my plants have been holding up well. I’ve already started propagating some of my succulents! I haven’t had much progress, but I’m trying to be patient and optimistic. 

So, that’s what I’ve been up to these days—not that anyone was asking. That’ll be all for now. I really just wanted to update this blog while I had some spare time on my hands. 

Until next time!

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