Your best new year companion: Hi Passion 1 Line, 5 Years Journal

I used to be avid for writing — journaling, specifically. I went through plenty of notebooks a year! I had various journals for different purposes (daily journal, gratitude journal, dream journal, and much more). 

As I grew up and got busier, I had less time and energy for journaling and despite the happenings, I rarely had anything exciting or eventful to extensively write about. So, I wrote on and off, but was not able to fully commit to the habit.

In 2019, I heard about the 1 Line, 5 Years Journal by Hi Passion. Priced at PHP 499, it was more than I typically spent on any journal; hence, I was hesitant to buy it. Did I really need a fancy notebook to record my day-to-day?  

It just so happens that I’m also into eco-conscious living and by considering the piles of old notebooks I had accumulated through the years, I justified that investing once every five years for one high quality journal is a good way to minimize my use of paper. So, I bought it for 2020! (I got two, actually. Haha!) I’ve had mine for a year now and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.


The concept is simple: each page—dedicated to one day/date—is divided into five horizontal spaces. 1 line = 1 year. You write a short entry everyday on each page until you reach the end of the journal (last page). Then, come new year, you go back to the first page and start on the next row. And because the spaces are just sufficient for a line or two (or three!), it’s not daunting to commit to writing everyday! 

There are also some additional features like a log of yearly goals & yearly highlights, important dates, a space to keep note of your account access information such as emails, usernames, and passwords, and a few pages for jotting down notes. 

What I really appreciate about this concept is that as I fill up these pages throughout the years, I will also get to glance at my past and I can compare how much I’ve changed and grown. 

Aesthetics and Features

The journal is a pretty decent size (4.875″ x 5.875″). There are 384 pages in total and it comes with 100 GSM cream coloured paper. 

It comes in 4 classic colours: yellow, black, brown, and grey.

Image via Hi Passion

Interestingly, the yellow and grey journals perfectly match the 2021 Pantone Colours of the Year! 

Image via GroundFloor Media

Quickly, I do want to talk about the cover. I’m not sure what material it’s made of and while I really love how it looks and feels, personally, it’s not my favourite feature because it’s prone to getting dirt and stains. It’s no big deal if you take extra care of it, but if you’re also concerned about getting yours dirty, then pick the black one or maybe get a book sleeve (sizing might be an issue, though).

Final Thoughts 

The Hi Passion 1 Line, 5 Years Journal is such a good investment and it solved all my writing woes! It’s so handy to have and it has been my best companion in surviving 2020. Today, I will be writing my last line for this year. Tomorrow, I say hello to 2021! 

Get yours at and follow them on Instagram at @hipassionig

Happy New Year, everyone! 

(This is not a sponsored review. I purchased the Hi Passion 1 Line, 5 Years Journals from their website.)

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