About Rolande Karla

Welcome to RolandeKarla.com!

Rolande Karla is the official website of Rolande, a beauty, art, and lifestyle blogger. Here, we will talk about makeup, fashion, beauty trends, art, musings, and what goes on in Rolande’s quirky life.

This blog will gravitate towards product reviews, tutorials, and feature posts. If you would like to see more of such content, do follow Rolande in her adventures in the beauty industry!


About the Blogger 

Rolande is generally an artist. She spends her time exploring multiple fields of aesthetics. Her career path combines makeup artistry, traditional and digital art, and literature. She is inspired by anything and everything that speaks beyond what words can say.
She has ventured into the world of blogging and Youtube in her early teen years. Plenty of trials and errors were involved in the process. RolandeKarla.com is the fruit of all her past experiences.
By the way, Rolande has a silent “e”! 
Rolande with an “e” and Karla with a “k”. 🙂