Everything Wrong With “Small” Bloggers/YouTubers

Now, now, before anyone sets me on fire, the misleading title was intentional. (Sorry for the clickbait.) Just a fair warning, this is a rant post up ahead of you; so, if that’s not your thing, this may displease you.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of new “small” bloggers and YouTubers. Don’t get me wrong, technically speaking, I also categorize as a “small” blogger, considering that my follower/reader base is actually very small. So, there’s nothing wrong with being “small” — everybody starts somewhere; however, not everybody seems to understand that. Continue reading “Everything Wrong With “Small” Bloggers/YouTubers”

First Things First: Let’s Get Started


Welcome to my official website! I am Rolande Karla, and this is my new beauty, art, and lifestyle blog. This will be my media portal for sharing my thoughts on the latest beauty and fashion trends and the art of makeup.

I will be posting product reviews, tutorials, feature posts, and more. I will also include my Makeup Portfolio which will contain shots of my own work on myself and on clients (makeovers, before and after shots). As an artist, it is also important for me to include my Art Portfolio here, where I will share my artworks (traditional, digital, and paintings).

For the past few years, I have been working on this website — curating drafts, collecting useful photographs, and posting in my previous blog site. I started building my social media presence in 2015 through “microblogging” on Instagram.

Now that I have RolandeKarla.com up and running, let’s get down to business!

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