Skin Savers: Aimee’s Premium Soaps

Price: PHP 70 – PHP 350 price range (varies per product)
Place of PurchaseAimee’s Soaps IG Account (Order Form link at the end of this post)
Also Available at: Hello MNL Store, Amiee’s Soaps FB Account, Pop-Up Stores at local bazaars (Katipunan Weekend Market, Marker’s Market)

Quick backstory:
Since early 2016, I became a fan of organic products, especially skincare and makeup. Since then, I have always been on the look out for organic brands — particularly, local indie brands. So, when I attended Craft MNL’s Product Photography Workshop with Jery C. Garcia, I met the founder and proprietress of Aimee’s Soaps, Amy Colanta, I just had to ask about her brand and products.

After the workshop, I asked for her business card and contacted her the day after to order some of her bestsellers to try and review them here on my blog. Surely enough, she was very accommodating!

Now, on to the review.

I ordered 3 of the bestselling products: OMG! Oh My Gourd Acne Fighting Soap, Premium Olive Avocado Soap, and Premium VCO Soap.

It took me a long time to post this review because when it comes to skincare products, I like finishing the products first so that I can experience the full effect — both initial and long term. Now that I have used them all, I am ready to give my thoughts.

OMG! Oh My Gourd Acne Fighting Soap

I was mainly interested in this one because I have never heard of bitter gourd (ampalaya) being used to make soap! Also, I’m always on the look out for anything to help with my acne.

What I love about this soap is that unlike most acne fighting soaps, this one does not dry out my skin. It’s very gentle on the skin; but, tough on fighting breakouts. This dries up my active breakouts quickly without stripping the rest of my skin with its natural moisture. It helped so much in controlling my back and chest acne! Also, don’t worry about the scent! It actually has a nice, mild, fresh scent. This retails for PHP 100 for 100 grams of product.

Cons: The only thing I don’t like about this soap is that just like most natural, “clear” based soaps, it is sensitive to moisture. So, it tends to melt easily or form a thick, opaque layer of hardened soap (it’s still usable, though). It’s not really a big deal. It’s a common issue with these kinds of soaps. If you don’t really nitpick on what your soap looks like after a couple of uses, there’s no problem at all! (Tip: After using the soap, wrap it with a dry washcloth or face towel to absorb the excess moisture and soap. You can now use that washcloth/towel to scrub your body during your next bath. Replace it with another dry washcloth/towel after every use.)

Overall, I highly recommend this to sensitive, acne prone skin. It also worked well with my dry-combination skin!

Premium Olive Avocado Soap

Ah, now, this one is my favourite! I mainly used this as my bath soap. I purchased this because I heard that it has a nice, mild fragrance. I’m all about that because I prefer milder scents (or none at all) in my soaps because I don’t want any soap fragrance mixing with my perfumes. Anyway, true to the claims, the scent is very, very mild and fresh; but, what I loved the most is the actual formula. It’s super moisturizing! I have very dry skin on my body and dry, flaky patches are a huge concern of mine. This soap totally got rid of those pesky patches. My skin was noticeably glowing after using this! My normally dull skin had a nice bright “sheen” to it. (Not the oily kind of sheen. It was more of a healthy, glowing from within kind of sheen.)

If you have dry skin like me, this soap will really be a skin saver!

This retails for PHP 80 for 100 grams of product.

Premium VCO Soap

Being a heavy user of makeup, I usually need to double cleanse my skin. I personally use virgin coconut oil to melt the makeup off first, and wipe it off with makeup remover wipes or a damp towel. Then, I go ahead and cleanse my face with a facial cleanser or soap of my choice. With this Premium VCO Soap, my facial cleansing routine has been cut to just one step! Trust me, this stuff can melt off even my stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Bonus? It leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized! I love, love, love this one! No need for special makeup removers anymore! And for the price of 0nly PHP 70 pesos for 100 grams? It’s super sulit! A little goes a long way.

Overall, I highly recommend all of the soaps that I have tried. Aimee’s Premium Soaps also has other products such as their Cream Soaps (…which double as wash-off face masks!), Balms/Salves, Liquid Body Wash, Body Scrub, and even natural herbal pet soap! I would definitely repurchase and even try some of their other products. I’m currently eyeing the Charcoal Cream Soap! (I love charcoal products, haha.)

To place your orders, here is a direct clickable link to their order form!
ORDER FORM: Aimee’s Premium Soaps Order Form 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not paid to review and promote the brand and products. I paid for the products with my own money and the review is based on my own personal experience. The products that work for me may or may not work for you. 


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